ITOTA, through our trainers, operators, member base and resources, can provide personal security in any situation. Through a pre-evaluation and consultation, we offer the best single and multi-layer protection for any type of client worldwide.

  • Government/ Corporate Personnel Protection
  • Personal Security Details (Hot Zone)
  • Kidnapping Threat Mitigation
  • Celebrity Security


ITOTA maintains a scalable force of PRESENT and former Tactical Law Enforcement, Special Operations Military and Federal Government Personnel. ITOTA operators surpass the most stringent screening requirements and are held to the highest levels of professionalism and moral standards.

  • Mobile Security Teams/Quick Reaction Team
  • Border Security/Border Patrol Augmentation
  • Disaster Response
  • Offensive/Defensive Security Teams
  • Existing Security Augmentation
  • Client Driven Custom Solutions
  • Maritime Security Operations/Anti-Piracy High Risk Transit Teams