ITOTA is intensely focused on bringing the international tactical community closer together through training and information sharing by focusing on the wealth of experience, knowledge and technology that exists within our global community.Kevin Barrett | President, ITOTA


ITOTA’s team of instructors offer a unique blend of international experience and professional skills coupled with current theatre specific knowledge, ensuring that our training delegates receive the best instruction in the industry. ITOTA’s instructors are selected largely from the global law enforcement and military special operations community and are all well respected experts in their fields of operations.

Global Training

ITOTA currently provides a wide variety of customizable training and education programs ranging from basic SWAT, counter terrorism to NBC First Responder. In regards to training and best practice knowledge sharing we are proud to have worked with many world renowned organizations and institutions that include various U.S. and Foreign Government, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security entities.


ITOTA currently promotes best practices and knowledge sharing via a number of mediums, electronically through our online presence at, our subscription journal, our social networking site, the annual Evolution Expo & conference and our multitude of training courses. ITOTA currently has offices in the US and many representatives throughout the world.

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